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End of School Year Slideshow copy CD and copy DVD, one for each student.

Get your school copy CD and copy DVD done by Gold Coast Disc Copy

The end of a school year is a time when memories are shared and sharing them on a copy cd or copy dvd is a great way for people to remember the good times many years on. Usually is up to a couple of teachers or students to collect all the photos and movies to go on the DVD. These are the people we normally deal with.

Gold Coast Schools are this week sending their DVD originals in to us for duplicating one copy for each student. We try to maintain a 48 hour turnaround for school DVD’s during this time.

Here are some ideas …

To assist with this, I thought I’d offer a few tips.

1) Gather all the photos you intend to include into a folder then prepare a slideshow.

2) Copy the final slideshow file onto a disk or USB stick and get it to us together with the text and pics you want on the disc.

3) To get your video onto a DVD – that actually plays in a DVD player, as a DVD – requires several more steps and some more specialised software. Ask us for more details if this is what you want to do. We have done it hundreds of time so we can assist.

Copying or duplicating end of school year cd’s and dvd’s is easily and efficiently handled by Gold Coast Disc Copy with a quick turnaround. If you need advice then please ring. We are here to help.

The CD’s and DVD’s to copy can be supplied on a spindle, in paper of plastic sleeves  or in plastic cases. We have found most people are happy with paper sleeves as you can see the printing on the disc label through a window in the paper sleeve. This means they can be given straight out to students when you receive them.